My Tic List

I have had many different tics during my life and I expect many more to arrive. Here is a list and description of my tics for you.

Movement Tics

Some of my tics are combined with OCD which makes life even more complicated.

  • Full body shaking and ‘convulsions’
  • Long step
  • Arm tic – causing difficulty with drinking and eating
  • Foot roll – I spent 6 months as a wheelchair user and on crutches due to this one
  • Walking a few steps and then placing both hands on the ground every few steps
  • Throwing objects
  • Hitting walls and objects
  • Slapping my face šŸ™
  • Neck tic – causing severe neck pain and tingling sensations in my hands, sometimes this tic happens all day long.
  • Foot tapping – I had to stop and tap one foot eight times,Ā then the other, then repeat the tapping for each one 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 times before continuing
  • Eye roll
  • Lip biting
  • Inside of mouth biting
  • Biting clothes
  • Hitting my head
  • Hitting things
  • Stamping my feet
  • Urge to tic inside my head I that I can’t get to with a tic to release – very frustrating
  • Frozen shaking head tic
  • Finger clicking – this is an interesting one as when I try and click my fingers I can’t click them anywhere near as fast as my tic can click them
  • Walking on the side of my feet
  • Bending my hands back causing pain in my wrists
  • Clicking my fingers

Vocal Tics

  • ‘Cat’
  • ‘Jellybean’
  • ‘Tesla’
  • ‘Cats in catapults’
  • ‘Cats eating ice cream’
  • ‘Pineapple’
  • Any other random words or sentances
  • A loud cough – this actually really hurts to do
  • When I see things, think about things or hear thingsĀ it can triggerĀ vocal tics. If I hear a word I might shout something connected. For example, somebody said the word ‘marshmallow’ and immediately I shouted ‘jellybean’. I now often shout out ‘jellybean’. The same thing can happen with things in my mind. For example, I was surfing and a bit worried about being stung by a jellyfish, there weren’t any in the sea that day but I shouted out ‘jellyfish’ and lots of people suddenly started to panic!